If you see rust on the pipes or elsewhere in the basement, is it a cause for concern? Is it time to call a professional to install a basement window area well? Most homeowners worry when they see rust because they do all they can to maintain the home. When rust develops, it is a sign that you have an unfinished basement and it could very well bring many other problems that cause expensive repair needs.

Do not ignore your basement and the risks of seeing rust and other corrosion/damage is greatly reduced. So many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring their basement and this is often times the result. The basement has plenty of usable space that can transform into the perfect room for your family’s needs with just a bit of effort. Although you can certainly make repairs when you notice rust, preventing the issues from the start is always the best solution.

basement window area well

Rust can be caused by a number of different issues. Many times, it is a leak in the basement that causes rust. So, if you see rust, then it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and call someone to find out if you have a leak. If you notice dampness in the basement or a musty odor, then a leak is the likely culprit of the problem.

Once your pipes begin to rust, you can expect many problems in the future. Costly repairs are only the start of problems you can expect. Rust can be orange or brown and occurs when oxygen from steel comes into contact with metal when water is present. A professional can spot the rust and determine its cause and source so the problem can be repaired before more damage occurs.